About Project

StarKabab is Specialized In Deshi Kabab. The store situated in Canada, Laval.

We have created the restaurant menu on their website so that people can know about their Kabab price and call them for order.





Our Role

  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Hosting

Our Approach

Good web design is fundamental for any type of E-commerce business. Consumers must be able to easily navigate through a website to ensure they find what they are looking to purchase. Therefore, our approach started with streamlining the online shopping experience, making sure each user flow on the site was simple for a consumer and used clearly labelled call-to-actions throughout. Shopify was our first choice of E-commerce platform. It provides a seamless checkout experience for the customer, and gives Aardvark a powerful set of tools to run and grow their business.

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